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PapSyn/DailySketch 1-1: Hang on blondie~ by mintyfreshmangos

I'm writing a critique while I still can!! :D Vision: not only is it thought-out, it actually carries a clear message of motion and refl...




Misanthroppip by Lumoroske
Went way way WAY back into my gallery to revamp the old stuff! 
Here is the original, Emo Hoppip. I really love smiling things with dark thoughts, so why not revamp the material I had on that now that I have somewhat improved technique? 
Also, this pic pretty much represents me while working in retail. Oh so much.

Done in Corell Painter Essentials 4
Hoppip (c) Gamefreak
The dull roar of people’s conversations filled the evening air atop Mauville’s roof terrace. Having lived for years on the streets, Vince found the noise to be more comforting than the silent wilderness that bordered the large city. However, the noise did nothing to ease the feeling of Beautiflies in his stomach. No, that comparison was too uppity, he thought. More like Grimers in there; this encounter was going to make everything feel damn awful afterwards. He combed his fingers through his hair and tried again to focus his scattered thoughts. Breaking bad news wasn’t easy and he wasn’t sure how well he could break it. Or if he would just end up breaking the other person. Or himself.

“Hey, love.” A voice chimed in. Vince gave a start and turned to see the person he had been waiting on. He hadn’t noticed the other man approach.

“Hey, doll,” Vince responded with a shaky smile, “I thought youse would never get here.”
“Ya kidding? I wouldn’t miss ya for the world, Vinny. You ain’t too hard to spot in a crowd with dat fave Arbok tank of yours on.” The man leaned forward and the couple’s lips met in a warm kiss. Damn, Sam’s kisses were the best. Vince backed away and looked at Sam and tried to take him all in: tall, fit, had a barely kempt mop of pale green hair, kindly green eyes, and a goatee that framed his dopey smile. It was hard to believe he found this guy three years ago in an alley wasted on X Speed.

Sam made a confused expression and said, “Hey, love, what’s the matter with ya? Ya look like ya swallowed a Goomy!” He reached towards Vince’s hands, but Vince brushed them away. Shit, this was gonna be hard.

Forcing back a lump in his throat, he spoke as collectedly as he could. “So, Sam, doll, since I got youse here at the Mauville Mall, hows about I finally treat youse to some food?”

That dopey smile came back to Sam’s face, “Eh? Seriously, Vince? Ya gonna treat me to dinner?”

“I told youse I would, eh? Ya managed to become an Ace Trainer, doll. We gotta celebrate somethin’ like dat. Pile up as many o’ dem Village Sub Combos or Magnemite Croquettes as ya want.” Vince didn’t mention that he had saved up money from dirty Pokemon fights for this occasion. His lover had worked so hard to clean up to achieve his new duds. He didn’t need to know that Vince had kept some… unsavory… habits while supporting him. All the more reason for this meeting.
“Thanks, love! I’mma take you up on that!” Sam exclaimed, his exuberance practically shining through him. He pulled Vince into a tight embrace and kissed him again. If Sam kept doing that, the situation wouldn’t be the only hard thing here. He pulled out of the embrace gently, but kept Sam’s hands in his own this time.

Now came the part he had been dreading all day—all week. Swallowing back that lump again he muttered, “Yeah, kid. You do dat. But dis’ll be our farewell meal, y’unnerstand?” He couldn’t stop the tears that fought at his eyes, but he continued with a firmer voice, “Youse can’t keep hangin’ out wit’ a hood like me—not even one with a fab do like mine,” Sam’s face went blank with realization. “Not wit’ you bein’ an Ace Trainer an’ all.” Vince finished again in a mutter and looked to the ground.

“V-Vincent…” Sam stammered out, voice breaking.
Our Paths Part in Mauville
Based on a conversation between a Delinquent and Ace Trainer on the Mauville Rooftop in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (they can be found in the bottom left corner of the roof area). The final paragraph and line are essentially the original dialogue, but I can link to the dialogue text... when I can find a link to it! Seems to be a growing OTP, but I decided to make a male version because bara. 

I'll upload some concept drawings of these two soon ^^ 

Mauville, referenced Pokemon, and end dialogue (c) Nintendo.
Bara PChat Sketchdump by Lumoroske
Bara PChat Sketchdump
Hey look, it's already December and haven't posted since... October? Herp. Only getting a sketchdump featuring two of my fave pairings! Wheee~ Done on a paintchat session with Aeorys

Going from top to bottom:
-Sailor MAN (by Aeorys and uguu'd Sailor!Garcia
-Two iterations of MattXArchie. Best new bara couple of the year hands down. 
-Romance novel cover idea if Gilliam X Garcia ever made it into published works. Please get the title humor.

Garcia, Gilliam, Archie, and Matt all (C) to Nintendo, Intelligent Systems and Gamefreak more specifically
Sailor MAN (C) Aeo
:iconstealingplz: from BlueLeafeon

Random pokemon generator:
1) Switch to "All regions"
2) Switch to "1"
3) Only one pokemon per question
4) Tag at least one person when you're finished

Extra) This is you

Gonna cruch teh haterz and increase my attack with their tears.

1)This Pokemon is your best friend

And we would dance and party aaall night!

2)This Pokemon is your boss who you need to impress for a promotion

...Impress a legendary? Crap. Probably only looks cute, but would be like "Aww, you made a boo boo! Have a cookie, and by the way, you're fired <3"

3)This Pokemon is your partner in a science project

Wouldn't spooky, shipwreck Pokes prefer to use me as the science experiment? <<;

4)This Pokemon is looking for any possible way to murder you

I made fun of his chalk painting, he'll make fun of my chalk outline.

5) This Pokemon is your boyfriend/girlfriend (Changed it, it can be either)

I'm ground, he's water. I'm dark, he's fairy. This ain't gonna work.
6)This Pokemon is your Ex

I evolved, he didn't. Can't stick around those who won't change~

7) This Pokemon stalks you every waking moment

So, uh, 9,000 year curse imminent?

8)This Pokemon just stole all your cheesecake

Giiiiiiiiiiiirl be glad I don't fat shame.

9) This Pokemon is what you felt in your bed last night

O_O :iconnothingtodohereplz:
10) This Pokemon Punched your Mom

Actually used Wing Attack and flew away. But then, Pursuit, and Aerodactyl fainted Nuzlocke style.

11)This Pokemon would do anything to steal your shoes

Friggin' flying types giving me trouble!!! Where's a good Thunderbolt when you need one?

12)This Pokemon died by your hands

for having tried to kill BlueLeafeon. Bastard.

13)This Pokemon is your loyal companion for life


Huh, not bad. 

14) This Pokemon is your loving pet

Eeee so cute! I'm happy with this :)

15) This Pokemon is your Dentist

Again, I'm ok with this ^^ 

16)This Pokemon is what you dream about every day

I dream about it one day being useful

I tag :iconelmoplz:
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Jonmarc Vahanian
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Heya! Welcome to my page! As you'll see I like to focus on drawing very masculine and robust men in addition to slowly developing my computer drawing skills and experimenting with different styles. If you can't handle the bara... look elsewhere >:U

Bin auch Deutschsprachler. Fühl dich frei mal hier auf Deutsch zu quatschen ;D

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